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Flawless streaming for optimal user experience

Live Streaming

Start Live Streaming anything to everything instantly! Start streaming TV Channels, Sports, News & Events without any hassles, simply connect and Go-Live. Muvi takes care of everything else.

Video On Demand

Launch a Multi-Screen OTT Platform like Netflix instantly! End-to-End OTT video solution includes Infrastructure, Video Player, CMS, Billing Engine, Website, Mobile & TV Apps.

Audio / Music Streaming

Launch an Audio / Music Streaming service like Spotify instantly! End-to-End solution includes everything from Infrastructure, CMS, Billing Engine, Website and Apps for Mobile Devices.

Live Broadcast

Launch your own Live Broadcast Radio channel instantly. Start streaming talk shows to your own Radio Channel without any hassles. Everything included end-to-end and take care by Cinesoft, Go-Live instantly!

Launch your OTT Platform instantly!

Cinesoft allows you to launch White Label Multi-Device Video Streaming Platform offering Video on Demand (VOD) & Live Streaming as well as Audio Streaming Platform offering Music Streaming and Live Audio Broadcast instantly! Cinesoft includes everything, fully managed, end-to-end, all controlled from single CMS, no coding or IT teams required.

Augmented features for delightful OTT streaming experience

Features that set us apart from the crowd and deliver exceptional streams

100% customizable

Develop an OTT app with unmatched capabilities like a powerful player to the backend dashboard customized for content requirements.

Whitelabel platform

Create a feature-rich customized platform and grow brand awareness at a cost lower than having an in-house development team.

Cloud Transcoding

Stream your videos on any operating system or media player in a variety of formats like MPEG-2, AV1, H.264 etc.

On Cloud/on-premise

Choose to stream videos through your own servers or through our secured servers over the cloud.

Multi-Device Support

Enable an immersive OTT experience through multi-device solutions over Web, mobile, tablets and TVs to increase cross-platform viewership.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Stream your content with the best adaptive bitrate streaming protocols that automatically optimize video resolution for the internet speed availability.

DRM Security

Encrypt and securely stream live audio and video across the internet with Cinesoft's Digital Rights Management solution.

Cloud recording

Live-to-MP4 conversion on the fly, which lets you download the video anytime you want once the event is over.

Built-in Security

Included DDoS mitigation and SSL. Private network between edge locations. Web Application firewall. Because security needs to be built in, not bolted on.

Geo | IP Security

Protect your video content using our Geo-Blocking and IP Security Protection features.

Global distribution

CDN agnostic with support for single or multiple CDN deployments and multiple players.


Manage your video streaming ecosystem from a single dashboard

Watch it anywhere

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Build An Exclusive OTT Video Platform with Your Brand

Live & on-demand video experiences, for mobile and advanced connected devices.

Everything You Need in an OTT Platform & Distribute Everywhere

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Interested in our OTT Platform

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